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Overcome Challenges of Scaling Search at ACTIVATE

You don’t have to sacrifice hyper-personalized experiences when building search that can scale. This year at ACTIVATE, experts from Accenture, Wayfair, ExxonMobil, and more are sharing their best practices to building a robust, scalable search engine. You can find the full Scaling Search track here and read on for some of the highlights.

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Accenture: Create a Custom Tanimoto or Cosine Similarity Vector Operator for Lucene/ Solr

Creating custom operators opens up an enormous amount of power in creating new mathematical methods for relevancy ranking, scoring and solving of large-scale linear equations. Learn from Paul Nelson, an innovation lead at Accenture, as he takes you through a step-by-step process of creating a custom vector comparison operator for Solr for producing either Tanimoto or Cosine similarity comparisons. This session takes place on September 11th at 3:20pm.

Wayfair: Reduce Update Latency and Build a Robust Pipeline for Ingesting at Scale

Wayfair’s search engine ingests billions of updates a day. Suyash Sonawane, a senior software engineer, will discuss how the team developed an architecture that cut down update latency from hours to seconds. Understand more about the challenges of updating multiple search indexes at scale with multiple constantly changing data sources, and hear about Wayfair’s pipeline solution during Suyash’s session on September 11th at 3:20pm.

Dynatrace: Synchronizing Clusters in Fusion

Synchronizing a search app across multiple clusters is no small feat. If your Fusion deployment is expected to grow to multiple clusters, or you already have multiple isolated clusters, attend this session by information architect Paul Anderson. Learn how Dynatrace's synchronization strategy has evolved to ensure a consistent search experience for users worldwide. Understand more about CDCR Architecture and Expressions before this session on September 12th at 2:20pm.

The MITRE Corporation: Evaluating Content/ Text Extraction at Scale

Interested in learning about the metrics available and how to integrate the tika-eval module's metrics at scale? Tim Allison, principal AI engineer at The MITRE Corporation will explain how Apache Tika is widely used as a critical enabling technology for search in Solr and other systems. Read more about Content Extraction with Apache Tika before Tim’s session on September 11th at 2:20pm.

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