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What Makes an Exceptional Digital Experience?

Everyone wins when businesses provide exemplary digital experiences to their clients. Customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty increases, as does the bottom line. 

But what turns a digital experience from “ordinary” to “exceptional”? We spoke with four experts in search and UX for insight into how they knock the socks off customers and employees with a little help from AI and ML:

   1. Identifying Pain Points - Rafał Kuć, Sematext Group, Inc.

“I think it takes a bit of everything - identifying the key pain points, applying the knowledge to suggest the right approach, and finally listening and understanding the needs of the customer and her/his users finally leads to success.”

  2. Tuning Search Results - Candace Marks, Getty Images

“An ‘okay’ user experience puts the burden on the user to tune search with filters, sorts, etc to get to the results they’re looking for. An amazing user experience uses previous behavior/engagement to tune the experience for them.”

  3. Spellcheck and Synonym Detection - Carlos Valcarcel, Lucidworks

“Making sure end users can find what they are looking for, no matter what mistakes they make, is an important part of an exceptional digital experience. The use of machine learning is really changing the search game and Lucidworks Fusion does a great job of leveraging that.”

  4. Understanding Intent - Erica Lesyshyn, EBSCO Information Services

“Personalization can have a profound impact on users. Experiences can be enhanced by anticipating the needs of the customer. iPhone’s ‘Frequent Locations’ is a great example of this experience. My phone has been tracking my locations and behavior over an extended period. When I start my car, my phone alerts me of the amount of time it will take for me to travel to my destination. It understands whether I'm traveling to work, home or performing errands. It does not require direct input from me to understand my intent. Instead, it leverages personalization to transform my digital experience.”

Hear more from Rafał, Candace, Carlos, and Erica about improving the digital experience at ACTIVATE. Last minute space is currently available, but register today to secure your spot at the premier search and AI conference.


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