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Learn How to Build a Personalized Experience with Relevant Search at ACTIVATE

ACTIVATE 2019 explores search and AI from every angle, with sessions covering search at scale, search relevance, AI and machine learning, data science, analytics, chatbots and virtual assistants, and more. 

Wondering where to start? 

The Search Relevance track is packed with interesting sessions from top retailers including lululemon athletica, Uber, Priceline, letgo and others. Check out the sessions highlighted here and learn how to build a more personalized experience with improved search relevance this year at ACTIVATE.  

Be sure to register by July 26th to save $400 on your pass. 

lululemon athletica: Migrating From Endeca To Fusion

Jeremy Woska, a product manager from lululemon, will share how the company migrated from Endeca to Fusion, breaking down every step of the search migration process. Curious about making the switch from Endeca? Check out six reasons why you should switch over to Lucidworks Fusion and be sure to attend Jeremy’s session on September 11th at 3:20pm. 


Uber: Machine Learning Models With Fusion 4.2

If you’re curious about how to implement machine learning models with Fusion, but are wondering where to start, don’t miss this session led by Uber software engineers, Atousa Duprat and Stan Chan. They’ll explain how to support query tagging and suggestion in Fusion 4.2. Their session will cover the entire journey of integration between Fusion and another ML/NLP architecture to fulfill the specific requirements of query classification and suggestion. Learn more about Fusion 4.2 here and attend this session on September 11th at 3:20pm.



Priceline: Auto Suggest and Search To Boost Engagement

Srividhya Ramachandran, engineering director from Priceline, will host a session on suggest, search, and recommendations capabilities on SolrCloud. She’ll share use cases on personalized recommendation systems, and explain how experimentation and continuous improvement on auto suggest and search components can increase customer engagement. This session is open to all levels. Read up on Solr before Srividhya’s session on September 11th at 11:45am. 



Sandia National Labs: Signals-based Personalization For The Enterprise

Clay Pryor and Ryan Cooper will share how they configured recommendations for personalized search at Sandia National Labs. The session will explain how to configure personalization for enterprise search using Lucidworks Fusion with signals. Enterprise search managers, engineers, and other staff interested in introducing signals-based personalization into their search results should attend their session on September 11th at 1:30pm.



Explore the full ACTIVATE agenda here and be sure to register by July 26 to save $400 on your pass. 



ACTIVATE 2019 Features Robust Solr Developer Track

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