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6 Experts Answer “What’s So Exciting About Search and AI?”

At ACTIVATE, some of the greatest minds in search and AI come together to share their recent discoveries, projects, and successes. With just a few weeks to go before the conference, we asked six ACTIVATE speakers what about search and AI excites them the most. Here’s what they said:

  1.  Candace Marks, Getty Images

"The ability to optimize the supply chain to identify content trends, gaps, and activate contributors."


  2. Mark Desormeau, Lenovo

"Understanding more about how AI can help us anticipate the needs of customers before they may even realize they possess this need... getting ahead of customers’ needs and expectations is key to delivering an amazing digital experience."


  3. Rongkai Zhao, The Home Depot

 "Automating the building of knowledge graph in a vertical domain."


  4. Carlos Valcarcel, Lucidworks

 "How AI makes it possible for search to learn user behavior over time. Now systems can match bad queries to good, which increases search accuracy in a dynamic way."


  5. Rafał Kuć, Sematext Group, Inc.

"Virtually endless possibilities when it comes to what we can accomplish with search tuning and relevance improvements."


     And best of all, as Paul Anderson of Dynatrace says, “search is never ‘done.’   There’s always some other interesting problems to solve to improve the digital experience. You never know what you’re going to discover when you dig deep into the search history—some insights are completely unexpected.”

Hear from these and other search and AI experts at Activate, September 9-12, in Washington DC. Register before September 6th to save $200 on your pass. 


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