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ACTIVATE 2019 Features Robust Solr Developer Track

ACTIVATE began as Lucene/Solr Revolution to connect the open source Solr community. Although we’ve since expanded and rebranded, we’re proud to still host an impressive Solr developer track featuring speakers from Letgo, Wayfair, Bloomberg, Healthwise Incorporated, Apache Software Foundation, and the Lucidworks team.

Be sure to register by July 26th to save $400 on your pass and check out some of the highlights from the Solr Developer track below. 

Bloomberg: Running Solr Within Kubernetes at Scale

The search infrastructure team at Bloomberg runs over a thousand Solr clouds spread across hundreds of machines. Houston Putman, a software engineer at Bloomberg, will share why the team turned to Kubernetes to manage the challenges of scaling, and discuss the concerns and benefits of running Solr on Kubernetes vs manually managing clouds. Learn more about running Solr on Kubernetes before his session on September 12th at 10:45am.

Wayfair: Reduce Update Latency and Build a Robust Pipeline for Ingesting at Scale

Wayfair’s search engine ingests billions of updates a day. Suyash Sonawane, a senior software engineer, will discuss how the team developed an architecture that cut down update latency from hours to seconds. Understand more about the challenges of updating multiple search indexes at scale with multiple constantly changing data sources, and hear about Wayfair’s pipeline solution during Suyash’s session on September 11th at 3:20pm.

Apache Software Foundation: Dynamic Plugin Loading & Safe-Mode in Solr

Learn how to use safe-mode Solr with Ishan Chattopadhyaya and Noble Paul from the Apache Software Foundation. They’ll explain how to develop and manage custom plugins and configure and host a secure, public-facing Solr deployment. Mark your calendars for this session on September 12th at 1:30pm.

Healthwise Incorporated: Building a Health QA Chatbot With Solr

Interested in learning how Solr can be used to answer questions using consumer-friendly health content and a medically precise taxonomy? Don’t miss Dan Ray’s talk on the essential elements for this health QA chatbot. He’ll break down the unique challenges of health-domain spell checking and consumer terminology. Read up on QA systems before the session on Wednesday September 11th at 1:30pm.

LexisNexis: Solr Migration at Scale

Over the past year LexisNexis has completely rebuilt their search. Dennis Chaney, Director of Global Product Management, will share how the company redefined its search technology strategy and developed a data-driven culture. Looking to kick off a re-platforming initiative? Don’t miss Dennis’ insights during his session on Wednesday September 11th at 2:20pm.

Explore the full ACTIVATE agenda here and be sure to register by July 26 to save $400 on your pass. 



Lucidworks Fusion Users from Fortune 1000 Speaking At ACTIVATE 2019

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