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How Technomax Uses AI and Search to Wrangle Customer Data

IT logistics company Technomax uses AI technology to improve their clients’ data management systems. Customers such as TD Ameritrade, Urban Outfitters, and General Motors rely on the company to maximize process efficiency and avoid unnecessary IT hurdles. 

Sai Varanasi, Founder and CEO Technomax, shared with us what he hopes to learn at ACTIVATE and how his organization will implement new search and AI discoveries to benefit customers.

What new technologies are you most excited about?

Technomax teams have been extensively involved in data management and application development projects. We are always looking for tools that derive meaningful insights from datasets we deal with. In the B2C industry, it’s critical to understand customer behavior and profile them to better serve their needs. We are always excited about technologies that improve these cognitive data search capabilities and provide deeper insights.

How is the search team at Technomax LLC growing?

Our search team is quickly growing as our clients’ demand for implementing cognitive search solutions increases. Our clients have shown tremendous interest in working with us due to our quick delivery turn around, dynamic work culture, and our on-shore and off-shore delivery models.

How do you use AI in your organization?

We work closely with our existing and prospective clients to identify problems that can be resolved with an AI-based solution. We prioritize the critical issues that AI can solve and then implement systems such as AI-powered cognitive search to close the AI related gap. 

What are you excited to learn about at ACTIVATE this year?

We are looking to understand and learn how companies that work in B2B models leverage search to improve the customer experience. We would also like to see how Lucidworks is contributing to building chatbots and virtual assistants that leverage AI and Machine Learning models.

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Governing Unstructured Data With Search and AI

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