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3 Sessions at ACTIVATE to Help Transform Your Digital Workplace

Enterprise search is yet to deliver Google-like precision to the modern workforce, but we can already see the next generation of search in action. Large, multinational organizations such as ExxonMobil, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Sandia National Labs, and others are turning to AI-powered search to better understand user intent to deliver enormous value to digital workers.

Join us this year at Activate to learn how you can build a better search experience using practical AI-powered solutions to transform the digital workplace. Remember to register before July 26 and save $400 on your Activate pass. 

ExxonMobil: From Zero to Sixty (Millon)

Learn how ExxonMobil transformed the digital experience for their geoscientists and engineers by moving from a disparate search experience toward a unified portal driven by UX research. Hear about the learnings, pitfalls, and wins of the journey so far from technical software engineers Ryan Ngo and Jesse Yoburn. Read more about digital transformation in the oil and gas industry before this session on September 11th at 11:35am.

PricewaterhouseCoopers: Enterprise Search as a Service at PwC

Join Viren Patel, the director of PwC, to learn how departments across the company were able to harmonize search and reduce technical debt and resource costs by utilizing Search as a Service. Understand more about PwC's implementation of Enterprise Search and their journey to becoming an Insights Engine. Attend Viren’s session on September 12th at 11:35am.

Lucidworks: AI in Practice, Separating Fact from Fiction

This panel will go beyond the AI hype to answer honest and thoughtful questions about data science, machine learning, and NLP in practice. Join Lucidworks CTO Grant Ingersoll as he hosts a discussion with industry leaders, Nick Caldwell (Looker), James Shanahan (NativeX), Alice Albrecht (Cloudera), and Kamelia Aryafar (Overstock.com) about when to turn to AI and how to assemble a transformative team. Check out their session on September 11th at 5pm.

Explore the full Activate agenda here and be sure to register by July 26 to save $400 on your pass. 


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