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Virtual Activate Series - Product Discovery

Understanding customer intent took center stage at this year’s Activate Product Discovery virtual event. Here are the three major lessons we learned from our speakers.


At a time when brands have shifted to digital experiences and storefronts en masse, the ability to deliver effortless experiences for customers by matching user intent with the most relevant information has never been more critical. If customers can’t find what they are looking for easily and quickly, the chance of them completely abandoning their search and going elsewhere is incredibly high.

This theme took center stage at our one-day Activate Product Discovery virtual event. Each of our speakers touched on the various ways digital brands can go beyond ensuring their customers find what they are looking for – be it through reassessing the depth of their search box capability or lining up their customer journey for success from the moment someone hits their landing page.

Among the great discussions and insights had, three themes emerged:

1. Search is about goals, not just queries

General Manager of Digital Commerce Peter Curran drove home the importance of considering a user’s goal when it comes to search. Lexical search refers to the traditional form of search that turns around query results based on the literal words input into the search box. The problem with this form of search is that it does not take into account the goal of the customer conducting the search. When a consumer types “boat” into the search box, their goal could be any number of things.

2. Personalization beats segmentation

Guest speaker and Forrester Principal Analyst Brandon Purcell talked about achieving true personalization, and why segmentation misses the mark. Though the two can be easily confused, segmentation relies on broad characterizations such as age, location, or gender to determine what a user might be interested in. Similar to lexical search, segmentation represents a narrow understanding of the customer’s intentions and actions. The result is that customers are treated as one of a million instead of one in a million. Personalization dives deeper by taking into account the user’s history, intentions, and what makes them unique.

3. AI enhances product discovery and the customer journey

Program Manager of Global Commerce Garrett Schwegler gave us a rundown of how AI-enhanced tools like Smart Answers aid in delivering unrivaled product discovery experiences by utilizing all of the above. In his session, Garrett detailed the different technologies, differentiators, and use cases that can power self-driving recommenders and also highlight the value of balancing AI with business intel. Product Manager Katie Boschele and Director of Commerce Applications Tom Allen outlined how Predictive Merchandiser uses machine learning to help brands construct a tailor-made customer journey that guides customers through all phases of their product search from landing page to conversion.

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