Adrian Rogers

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AVP Engineering

Adrian works as an architect within the IT team at Mintel. He's worked across a variety of projects within the business including helping to build out the content search capabilities using Solr and Fusion.

Adrian Rogers is speaking at the following session/s

Using Multi-Language Search to Speak to Global Subscribers at Mintel

Americas - EMEA | 11:00AM - 11:05AM |

Learn how Mintel uses Fusion query pipelines to deliver relevant search results to every user in their preferred language. Mintel has been a trusted source of market intelligence for nearly 50 years, with over 35 thousand unique users each month. With a breadth of subject matters covered in Mintel’s reports and a worldwide customer base that speaks a great number of languages, providing an intuitive search experience for each customer was a challenge for Mintel's Engineering Team.

Intended Audience

This session would be useful for software developers. Particularly if you're working with content in multiple languages.

Attendee Takeaway

In this session attendees will learn how we've structured our index and our query pipelines to allow searches to be made against content indexed in multiple languages and to be returned in the preferred language of the user.

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