Alice Albrecht

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Manager, Strategy and Advising Cloudera Fast Forward Labs

Alice Albrecht leads the strategy and advising portions of Cloudera Fast Forward Labs.  She was previously a research engineer on the team. She spends her days advising clients on all things machine learning, including developing and executing on use cases and the latest and greatest in machine learning and artificial intelligence.  Prior to joining Cloudera Fast Forward Labs, Alice worked in both finance and technology companies as a practicing data scientist, data science leader, and - most recently - a data product manager. In addition to teaching machines to do cool things, Alice is passionate about mentoring and helping others grow in their careers. Alice holds a PhD from Yale in cognitive neuroscience where she studied how humans summarize sensory information from the world around them and the neural substrates that underlie those summaries.

Alice Albrecht is speaking at the following session/s

AI in Practice: Separating Fact from Fiction

Wednesday | 5:00PM - 6:00PM | International Ballroom

Grant Ingersoll, CTO and founder Lucidworks, assembles some of the best minds in AI and puts them on the spot. This real-world look at AI goes beyond the hype to answer honest and thoughtful questions about data science, machine learning and NLP in practice. We’ll hear about both the successes and the failures. What can you learn from these less than stellar experiences?  When do you need AI – and when can other options suffice? And how do you assemble the right people to help transform your company? Can you retrain those you have?

Joining Grant to answer these and other questions are Kamelia Aryafar, Nick Caldwell, Dr. James Shanahan, and Alice Albrecht.


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