Amit Kumar

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Solution Consultant, Cloud AI

Amit currently works in Google Cloud AI team primarily focusing on Conversation AI technology deployment for enterprise customers. Amit also works on supporting partner integrations of Google conversational AI technologies with various telephony partners.  Amit has 20+  years of IT experience in digital transformation, enterprise architecture, consulting, and product engineering. Amit joined Google from Salesforce where he worked as a Program Architect and was responsible for implementing various Salesforce platforms for enterprise customers.

Amit Kumar is speaking at the following session/s

Fusion Smart Answers Integration with DialogFlow (a match made on GCP)

Sessions | 1:00PM - 1:30PM |

Conversational user interfaces are growing in popularity, but the limitations of chatbots can leave userf frustrated. By joining the capabilities of Google DialogFlow and Lucidworks Fusion’s Smart Answers, users can get a best in class conversational solution using AI-powered speech to text, powerful dialog flow design and AI- powered semantic search. In this presentation we will present how Smart Answers can be applied towards an impactful self-service experience powered by DialogFlow on GCP.

Intended Audience
Search Developers, Data Scientists, Integration engineers

Attendee Takeaway: 
-Integration is very easy when platforms are API-first
-Documentation is straightforward and easy to follow for developers
-Combining the two best-in-class platforms results in powerful dialog front-end and scalable ai-based information retrieval back-end.

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