Andrew Ross

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Marketing & Digital GTM Applications
Veritas Technologies LLC

 I started my career working on project automation via Jenkins followed by code conversion efforts for our AEM platform upgrade. Now entering the third year of my career, I support our company’s web presence via AEM (Adobe Experience)  development. The majorities of my web development work has been focused on our Support site where I have helped implement a complete redesign. I had a quick introduction to Lucidworks Fusion and search development a year and a half ago when I implemented a search application for a segment of our intranet using a custom AEM connector. I then became the search development lead around 8 months ago and have since implemented many search experience enhancements for our Support site. I work with Joe to continually improve the efficiency, accuracy, and experience of our Fusion implementation with a persistent goal to better help our customers."


Andrew Ross is speaking at the following session/s

Using Search to Drive Self-help Success; Veritas’ Online Support Journey

Thursday | 1:30PM - 2:10PM | Lincoln West

Learn how to use ROI to validate knowledge management and search to management, by delivering a better customer self-service experience that improves customer success and satisfaction. Understand the simple business case that justified investment in Lucidworks Fusion to deliver unified search across multiple repositories, allowing both customers and support engineers to maximize productivity. Identity management and security models allow support engineers to use the same interface as customers, making it easy to teach customers how to self-solve while still protecting sensitive data.

Attendee Takeaway
Learn how simple models can effectively make the business case for search investments. Although it can be difficult to estimate ROI, the magnitude is large enough to make the case.

Intended Audience
Business users contemplating an investment in enterprise search or online support portals. An understanding of the challenges in delivering portals is a helpful prerequisite.

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