Andrew Shumway

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Senior Search Consultant

After several years as a Lucidworks consulting partner and occasional blog poster, Andrew joined Lucidworks this year as a Senior Search Consultant in the Professional Services division. He comes to Lucidworks with over 25 years of software development experience spent building a variety of Business Intelligence, Reporting, ETL, and Analytics solutions. His tool belt includes a variety of technologies with the main focus on Java and JavaScript Andrew earned a B.S. from Brigham Young University in Information Technology and an M.S. from the University of Arizona in Management Information Systems.

Andrew Shumway is speaking at the following session/s

Advanced Techniques for the JavaScript Pipeline Developer

Wednesday | 1:30PM - 2:10PM | Columbia 6

Whether in Index Pipelines during data ingestion, or Query Pipelines for query time manipulation, the JavaScript stage is Fusion’s Swiss Army Knife tool. However, this flexibility comes at a cost to develop, test, and maintain. This presentation will demonstrate techniques for modular code reuse via shared Pipeline functions, JavaScript library integration with backend services, dynamic loading methodologies for custom libraries (both Java and Javascript), ideas for automated unit testing and more.

Audience Takeaway
* Stage development best practices.
* Examples: Shared Script libraries. Shared Script functions reused across Pipeline Stages. Initializing and caching static metadata in a Pipeline Stage.
* Integration with dynamically loaded Java libraries.
* Debugging tips and tricks.

Intended Audience
People who will find this presentation useful include:
* Intermediate level JavaScript developers in looking for advanced Pipeline functionality.
* Software developers who may be new to JavaScript but are need of examples and best practice tips.
* Software development managers looking for ways to increase code maintainability and reuse while leveraging the power of Lucidworks Fusion.