Andrzej Białecki

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Senior Software Engineer

Andrzej Białecki has over 25 years of experience in software engineering, ranging from system integration to OS development to information retrieval, to standardization of e-commerce models. He’s been actively involved in Open Source since 1997. Currently, he’s an Apache Lucene/Solr PMC Member. He’s also the creator of a popular Lucene index inspection utility – Luke. Andrzej holds an MS in Electronic Engineering from Warsaw University of Technology, Poland.

Andrzej Białecki is speaking at the following session/s

Demystifying SolrCloud Autoscaling: Simulations and Testing

Thursday | 10:45AM - 11:05AM | Columbia 3/4

It's often unclear how a complex autoscaling policy affects a SolrCloud cluster and its resources. Autoscaling suggestions and violations indicate what to do in order to balance the cluster (according to the rules) but when resources become tight it's sometimes not clear whether they really result in desired improvements. Deploying modified rules carries a risk of causing unwanted resource re-allocations, which may be costly and disruptive.

This session provides some details on the autoscaling simulation framework. It also presents how to use the command-line autoscaling tools for testing and fine-tuning arbitrary autoscaling policies, and how to use autoscaling snapshots to run reproducible simulations of long-term effects of autoscaling policies on cluster resources.

Attendee Takeaway
Learn how to use the command-line autoscaling tools for testing and running simulations of different autoscaling policies. Learn how to create and use autoscaling snapshots for debugging autoscaling policy issues.

Intended Audience
SolrCloud admins and users interested in optimization and testing of autoscaling policies. Knowledge of general SolrCloud architecture is required. Some knowledge of SolrCloud autoscaling will be helpful.

All Levels