Angel Maldonado

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Founder and Product Vision

Angel Maldonado has spent the last 19 years passionately developing and executing eCommerce Search and Navigation solutions. Having studied Computer Information Systems at Liverpool University, Angel started his career working for Autonomy before founding

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The Mind & Body of Search

Thursday | 10:45AM - 11:25AM | Lincoln West

In this talk and through the following three questions Angel's intended outcome is to help us reflect on Search from a different angle, that of Perceptions and Emotions as well as Data and Logic.

1. What makes a Good Search? How do we arrive at knowing Search is "Good"?
2. What kind of Affects (Emotions and Feelings) can Search evoke?
3. Can Search negotiate such Affects and productize upon them? When it comes to Search, data always earns the mention, the cause, the reason, and the intelligence while data-driven thinking is accepted as the optimal source of Search evolution. Such focus is, of course, understandable since without data there is no Search and yet, when we aim at deciphering the nature of the impact that Search has on people, data is not all that there is to talk about.

Unlock new avenues to innovate and create Search. Learn that the emotional responses that Search triggers can be identified, negotiated and productised upon.

No previous knowledge needed, however the talk will certainly resonate with Experienced Product Managers and Strategists who have given already a lot of energy and talent to Search innovations.

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