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As a pioneer in eDiscovery the first AI use case, learning how to look at data from the lens of value is hard. No short cuts allowed, tech cannot replace decision making and good preparation...AI assists, it does not replace. The fact is 77% of AI projects fail because of ill-defined business outcomes. We experienced this in eDiscovery and learned early on that without clear parameters and defined data sources, getting to the right data and with positive results, was elusive. These early lessons are applicable to today's business in learning how to focus your AI efforts and prepare for success. I have spent the last 6 years evangelizing the value of data from my AI background at more than 200 events while at Commvault that included Microsoft, CIO, Gartner, ILTA, LegalTech, ARMA, GDPR, supported corporate and regional marketing at Commvault.

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Finding Business Success with AI

Thursday | 11:05AM - 11:25AM | Columbia 3/4

eDiscovery, the original AI use case, disrupted the legal market at the turn the 21st century. Litigating was turned on its head, grappling with the process of digital evidence - how do we find it? How do we look at it? How do we protect it? How do we use it? How do we produce it? How do we measure success? We had to answer all of these questions over the last 20 years and developed a tight process that not only changed how litigators worked; it changed the whole vertical impacting the courts, the rules, the profession, the people and more importantly the results. We could see things we couldn't before and that changed results for our clients in a real way - lessons from this early AI use case can help you find success in your AI project.

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