Bianca Geyer

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Consultant Search & Analytics

Bianca Geyer has been working at SHI GmbH in Augsburg, Germany, since 2020. As a Consultant Search & Analytics, she supports companies in the implementation of modern search and analytics solutions, helping them to get the most out of their data. Bianca has a master's degree in mathematics with a focus on statistics and optimization.

Bianca Geyer is speaking at the following session/s

The Fabulous World of Data - ETL Powered by Apache NiFi and Scrapy

Many data science and AI projects face a problem right at the start: how to collect and process the data that will form the basis for all further work? Which tool is suitable? In this session you will hear Bianca from SHI GmbH share her team's experiences from many projects in this area and demonstrate hands-on how the two open source tools Apache NiFi and Scrapy can be used to efficiently collect and process data from various sources - each by their own or in combination.

Attendee Takeaways

Get a hands-on introduction to two open source ETL tools: Apache NiFi and Scrapy. You will learn how the tools work, what they can do and how you can benefit from them in your own data science, AI or search projects.