Dan Fox

Search Architect
KMW Technology

Dan Fox is a Search Architect and Senior Java developer with 15+ years experience in search technologies. Dan has multiple contributions to Solr and solves really hard search related problems for major organizations at KMW Technology.

Dan Fox is speaking at the following session/s

Cross Collection Join Query

Sessions | 12:35PM - 1:00PM |

For the first time ever, Solr supports doing distributed joins across collections with multiple shards. This session will provide a deep dive of how this new join method works and how scales as the number of shards increases. Additionally, we will review some use cases of how large scale analytics can be enabled with this new capability.

Intended Audience
Solr developers and product owners that are looking for ways to do analytics across multiple datasets that can not be flattened, or stored in a single collection.

Attendee Takeaway
Attendees will learn how to use the new cross collection join capabilities to power very large scale data filtering and analytic applications.

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