Dan Ray

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Software Engineer
Healthwise Incorporated

Dan implemented solr for consumer health information searches at Healthwise, now used for 100s of millions of health-based searches within health systems, patient portals, and consumer health websites. His hobby is building robots. Healthwise has helped people make better health decisions billions of times around the world.

Dan Ray is speaking at the following session/s

Building a Health QA Chatbot with Solr

Wednesday | 10:45AM - 11:25AM | Lincoln East

Learn how Solr can be used to answer questions using consumer-friendly health content and a medically precise taxonomy. By employing entity recognition, Solr queries can be dynamically constructed to find the most relevant answer text from consumer-friendly health content. Health taxonomy development will also be explored.

Attendee Takeaway
Essential elements for this QA chatbot will be covered, including the use of entity recognition, a concept vocabulary, and unstructured content. Challenges of health-domain spell checking and consumer terminology will be described.

Intended Audience
People interested in understanding an approach to building chatbots. Familiarity with Solr and indexing are helpful to understand specifics, but the focus is on the design and components of this health chatbot.

All Levels