Dennis Chaney

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Director of Global Product Management

Dennis is the Director of Global Product Management at LexisNexis.  He is based in Raleigh North Carolina and is responsible for the migration of Lexis Advance to a new search platform.  Dennis has been modernizing enterprise technology systems for over 25 years, with leadership experience across architecture, design, engineering development. His repeated success in delivering enterprise-wide systems using advanced and emerging technology solutions will position LexisNexis for success on their search migration journey.

Dennis Chaney is speaking at the following session/s

Solr Migration at Scale: A LexisNexis Journey

Wednesday | 1:30PM - 2:10PM | Columbia 8

During the past year, LexisNexis has embarked on a journey to rebuild search and migrate to open source Solr development. The Solr migration project is currently ongoing and has to manage over 3 petabytes of data. Learn about the key drivers for the initiative and how it prompted the definition of the overall technology strategy and product roadmap. This case study will also reveal how LexisNexis developed a data-driven culture through integration with other critical home-grown functions to improve search. By stepping through some of the challenges faced along this journey, you will leave with learnings and considerations to apply to your own search initiatives.

Attendee Takeaway
Insight into how a complex organization redefines its search technology strategy and the rationale behind a phased product roadmap. Attendees will gain insight into the challenges faced and how to overcome them.

Intended Audience
Businesses or search teams engaged in or planning to undertake a search engine re-platforming initiative. This could include business leaders, product managers or search engineers and developers looking to understand what all is involved in such a migration.

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