Dikshita Deuri

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Search Engineer

Dikshita Deuri is speaking at the following session/s

Creating Applications for Fusion Using Docker Images

Sessions | 11:15AM - 11:45AM |

Professionals who have used App Studio Enterprise (ASE) in Fusion know that it was designed to be a lightweight template to get you started with Appkit development as quickly and as painlessly as possible. It allows app developers to quickly and simply connect people with data by building modern, user-friendly front-end search applications.

Learn you can use the ASE template to:

  • Create search apps using powerful templates and quick prototyping
  • Build a Docker image and run it as a container (making it even more flexible and compatible to work with Fusion 5)
  • Publish the Docker image anywhere (e.g. DockerHub, Artifactory, or Google Container Registry (GCR))
  • Learn about interesting related features such as GeoMaps, Localization, Date Range faceting

Watch us work! We will demonstrate the process, then publish and deploy a new app during the session.

Intended Audience
Enthusiasts, Developers, DevOps Managers looking for running AppStudio effectively on Kubernetes.

Attendee Takeaway
We aim to demonstrate how to use the inbuilt docker script available in ASE that will package an app in a Docker container to make it container ready like other services in Fusion 5.x which we can easily deploy in our Fusion 5 cluster. Learn the benefits of running ASE on Kubernetes vs manually managing clouds. We will also walk you through some of the capabilities and feature sets in ASE and how we can easily leverage them to develop our search app. You'll also learn debugging tips and tricks.

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