Dr. Bill Foland

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Chief Scientist
Bolt Analytics

Bill Foland has a PhD in Computer Science and has extensive experience in algorithm development for many types  of complex systems. He has researched and developed state of the art deep learning techniques to extract meaning  from text and speech, and for general time series analysis.  


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Enhancing Fusion with Multi-Model, Real Time Streaming Analytics

Thursday | 1:30PM - 2:10PM | Columbia 8

Real-time analytics and prediction transform an ocean of data into actionable information and organizational wisdom. Bolt Analytics is a special-purpose, distributed data-flow execution framework that enables real-time analytics from multiple data sources. Creating inherently scalable and customizable data transformation pipelines by converting streaming data into a time-series representation is the core of Bolt’s framework. Bolt’s parametrized AI-driven models automatically detect and forecast anomaly occurrences in real time, and store them in Fusion, displaying results using faceted search. Bolt Analytics’ time-series models uniquely combine statistical and variable autoencoder neural models eliminating typical limitations of statistical techniques (time-series drift). The underlying distributed processing pipeline architecture can process up to 10 TB of data per day using a clustered Fusion system in production environments.

Audience Takeaway
Techniques to improve ingestion performance and using neural models with Fusion.

Intended Audience
The Lucidworks Fusion customers and partners responsible for submitting Support Tickets.


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