Eric Redman

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Principal Search Architect, Digital Commerce

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Ecommerce Product Discovery as Conversation with Signals

Americas | 12:26PM - 12:28PM |

One way to think of ecommerce product discovery is as a conversation between a shopper and the product discovery system. Signals are the transcript of the conversation, but the transcript often omits potentially useful information. If we look at a more faithful, more complete, transcription of the conversation we open up opportunities to increase the shopper’s trust in the system and to create a shorter path to achieving their goal. We’ll review some of these opportunities and the types of signals that facilitate them.

Intended Audience

Merchandisers, Search Developers and Architects, Data Scientists, Ecommerce business leaders

Attendee Takeaway

Learn how signals other than the typical impression/click/cart/purchase events can be used to create a more engaging product discovery experience.

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