Erick Rojas

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Head of Search
CSS Commerce

Erick is the Head of Search at CSS Commerce. Having an electronics background, he has become an experienced Tech Lead and developer that has worked with companies and agencies of all sizes across the globe, building high-impact B2B and B2C solutions.  He believes that the things we do should help us build a better world for future generations. In his spare time he loves listening to music and plays the guitar.

Erick Rojas is speaking at the following session/s

Visual Search for Mobile Ecommerce

This talk explores why visual search is important, how it differs from image search, why it is important for ecommerce in general but especially for mobile ecommerce. It's benefits for
users, B2C and B2B businesses. Finally, it explores a way in which Fusion can be used to implement a visual search engine for a website.

Attendee Takeaways

Limitations of current search boxes, What is visual search, Differences between Image Search and Visual Search, Importance of Visual Search Optimization, Benefits of visual search,Overview of how to implement a visual search engine on Fusion.

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