Grant Ingersoll

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CTO and Co-Founder

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Search as the New Data Warehouse

Thursday | 11:35AM - 12:15PM | Lincoln East

Data warehouse. Data lake. ETL. Analytics. Business Intelligence. All these terms have long been associated with both relational and NoSQL databases, but rarely with search indexes. Modern search engines, however, check many of the same boxes when it comes to deriving value from data in the modern era and clearly outshine relational and NoSQL systems in several key areas. In this talk we’ll examine the mapping of search engine capabilities onto modern data warehousing and data lake needs and weigh the pros and cons of such an approach by looking at use cases and capabilities of open source engines like Apache Solr and Elasticsearch.

Audience Takeaway
Learn how search engines offer a solution to the challenges presented by data warehousing and data lakes, and help organizations make informed decisions about how best to access their own data.

Intended Audience
Organizations who are interested in migrating to a more modern search index and rely on data to derive value and maintain a competitive edge.

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AI in Practice: Separating Fact from Fiction

Wednesday | 5:00PM - 6:00PM | International Ballroom

Grant Ingersoll, CTO and founder Lucidworks, assembles some of the best minds in AI and puts them on the spot. This real-world look at AI goes beyond the hype to answer honest and thoughtful questions about data science, machine learning and NLP in practice. We’ll hear about both the successes and the failures. What can you learn from these less than stellar experiences?  When do you need AI – and when can other options suffice? And how do you assemble the right people to help transform your company? Can you retrain those you have?

Joining Grant to answer these and other questions are Kamelia Aryafar, Nick Caldwell, Dr. James Shanahan, and Alice Albrecht.


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