Harish Kulkarni

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e-commerce Search Program Manager

Harish is e-commerce Search Program Manager at Lenovo. He is responsible for leading the search platform integration, reaching business goals and looking forward for enhancements. He has experience in designing large scale performant Search systems,  search relevancy improvement, with expertise in managing and scaling search infrastructure for high traffic sites. Has extensive work experience about optimizing search experience based on user behavioral data, and how e-commerce sites can adapt search engines to their business based on behavioral data available with them.

Harish Kulkarni is speaking at the following session/s

Building a Search Practice at Lenovo

Wednesday | 4:10PM - 4:50PM | Lincoln West

Doesn't search just work out of the box? What does it take to build a search practice from the ground up in a large multinational company? In this talk, we'll walk through some of the challenges past and present that we have faced in establishing a foundation for search from which to build on.

Audience Takeaway
If you are new to search and trying to convince your executives to fund your team and your search projects, this session will help you understand some of the strategies, approaches, and challenges in building your business case.

Intended Audience
Individuals new to search and looking to build a business case for their projects.


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