Hemant Verma

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Director Engineering Search

Hemant Verma is Director Engineering at NextBrick, California based search solution providing company, having 15 years of experience. He implemented and managed search solutions using Solr, starting with Solr 1.2 in year 2007 and since then he provided search solutions to various clients while working for Times Business Solutions, Lucid Imagination (a.k.a. LucidWorks), Global Logic, RS Component and Genpact Headstrong. He's seen the growth of Solr and Fusion both from a small tool with limited features to an enterprise level tool with capabilities to handle huge data with lots of out of the box features.

Hemant Verma is speaking at the following session/s

Search Migration with improved Relevance

Thursday | 3:20PM - 3:40PM | Columbia 6

A usecase study of how we as a Lucidworks partner and search consulting firm have successfully managed to migrate complex legacy search applications to Solr and made huge strides in search relevance. Join us, as we demonstrate what challenges we faced during our migration of an Endeca based catalouge search platform, the substantial advantages Solr provides and overall flow of the migration process. Then we move on to relevance tuning powered by Fusion signals and leveraging advanced re-ranking techniques.

Audience Takeaway :
In depth insights into strategizing a cross platform migration to Solr/Fusion. What aspects to consider while migration and why? They also get to understand via a demonstration how relevancy can be improved using signals and other techniques.

Intended audience :
Enterprises and Startups looking for migration to Solr/Fusion. Search enthusiasts looking to delve more into search relevancy (Fusion signals background would be helpful). Special takeaway for attendees working with search tools other than Solr and Fusion.

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