Houston Putman

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Software Engineer

Houston works at Bloomberg as a member of the Search Infrastructure team, providing search as a service to hundreds of engineering teams across the company. At Bloomberg he is also a member of the Search Guild, which is charged with guiding the use of search technologies within the company. He has degrees in Computer Science & Mathematics from The University of Texas at Austin. Houston is an active contributor to Apache Solr and is the creator of the Solr Analytics Component.

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Running Solr within Kubernetes at Scale

Wednesday | 2:20PM - 3:00PM | Jefferson East

The Search Infrastructure team at Bloomberg runs over a thousand Solr clouds spread across hundreds of machines. This scale creates significant challenges in managing hardware resources. Beyond just managing where clouds are allocated and the resources available across the cluster, tasks that affect multiple clouds, such as upgrading OS versions or taking a machine down for maintenance, can grow into serious undertakings.

Kubernetes is a system designed to help orchestrate large scale applications. However, it has room for improvement in use cases such as running on physical hardware or managing stateful applications. In this talk, Houston Putman will detail how the team has addressed these issues and begun to run production Solr clouds on Kubernetes. He will also share his experience and the performance characteristics when running Solr on Kubernetes vs. on bare metal.

Attendee Takeaway
Attendees will take away the concerns with running Solr on Kubernetes, and approaches on how to resolve those concerns. They should also leave knowing the benefits of running Solr on Kubernetes vs manually managing clouds.

Intended Audience
Basic users of cloud providers and Solr Cloud. Assumed knowledge: - How Solr Cloud is set up - What Kubernetes is.

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