Jaime Yap

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Founding Engineer & Director of Engineering

Jaime is a Founding Engineer and Director of Engineering at FullStory. He currently leads FullStory’s Search, Analysis and Insights team. Helping oversee FullStory’s data ingestion pipelines, search infrastructure, and data insight generation. Before FullStory, Jaime was leading engineering teams at Google building large-scale distributed systems and realtime collaborative applications. Website: https://www.jaimeyap.com/

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Bionic Data Science and ML using Behavioral Search and Session Replay

Thursday | 11:35AM - 12:15PM | Jefferson East

FullStory’s mission is to help our users give their users a perfect online experience. We are doing that by providing a high-leverage platform that answers questions, makes suggestions, and induces empathy across organizations to motivate change. Our customers (and the industry at large) have teams of Data Scientists doing amazing, world-changing things. And in much the same way that FullStory is able to act as a bionic force multiplier for product, support and engineering teams - helping them make their products better. So too can FullStory act as a force multiplier for Data Scientists and ML practitioners. By providing the highest fidelity data for customer product interactions, and also (and more interestingly!) by augmenting your workflows with behavioral search and session replay.

Attendee Takeaway
Learn how to leverage new tools like Behavioral Search, Segmentation, and Session Replay to enhance your data science workflows, ML models, and data visualizations. We’ll walk through examples. Turning high quality event-based interaction data (via FullStory DataExport) into powerful models.

Intended Audience
Product Managers, Data Scientists and fans of data driven decision making. Whether you’ve run a report from a spreadsheet, or done the nitty gritty of data engineering and model training, you will find some value in this talk. Some experience working with ETL pipelines a plus (but not necessary).

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