Dr. James Shanahan

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Bryant University and UC Berkeley

Dr. James G. Shanahan has spent the past 30 years developing and researching cutting-edge artificial intelligent systems splitting his time between industry and academia. As of the fall 2019, Jimi will take up the position of JJ Rowe Professor of Data Science at Bryant University, Rhode Island. He also holds a visiting appointment at the University of California at Berkeley, and has (co) founded several companies that leverage AI/machine learning/deep learning/computer vision in verticals such as digital advertising, web search, local search, and smart cameras. His latest venture focuses on making driving safer via advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and driver monitoring systems (DMS), along with rewarding safer driving with reduced insurance premiums. Previously he has held appointments at AT&T (Executive Director of Research), NativeX (SVP of data science), Xerox Research (staff research scientist), and Mitsubishi. He is on the board of Anvia, and he also advises several high-tech startups including Aylien, ChartBoost, DigitalBank, LucidWorks, and others.

Dr. Shanahan received his PhD in engineering mathematics and computer vision from the University of Bristol, U. K., and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Limerick, Ireland. He is an EU Marie Curie fellow. In 2011 he was selected as a member of the Silicon Valley 50 (Top 50 Irish Americans in Technology).

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AI in Practice: Separating Fact from Fiction

Wednesday | 5:00PM - 6:00PM | International Ballroom

Grant Ingersoll, CTO and founder Lucidworks, assembles some of the best minds in AI and puts them on the spot. This real-world look at AI goes beyond the hype to answer honest and thoughtful questions about data science, machine learning and NLP in practice. We’ll hear about both the successes and the failures. What can you learn from these less than stellar experiences?  When do you need AI – and when can other options suffice? And how do you assemble the right people to help transform your company? Can you retrain those you have?

Joining Grant to answer these and other questions are Kamelia Aryafar, Nick Caldwell, Dr. James Shanahan, and Alice Albrecht.


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