Jeff Ely

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Director/Chief Product Owner - HR and IT Employee Experience

Jeff has worked in technology and product delivery in retail, human resources, technology startups and enterprise IT.  Currently the Director and Chief Product owner of employee experience technologies at Intel focusing on capabilities that enable better collaboration, increased engagement, improved productivity and efficient information finding.

Jeff Ely is speaking at the following session/s

Keynote Panel: The Many Faces of Digital Transformation, Through the Prism of Search and AI

Wednesday | 9:20AM - 10:00AM | International Ballroom

Digital Transformation is a big topic. We read those words several times a day, every day, but that idea means something different to everyone. This panel discussion will explore the aspects of digital transformation primarily driven by search and AI technologies. Experts from diverse industries like manufacturing, e-commerce, online social platforms, and financial services will share how they see this the same, and where and how their industries make things different.

Lucidworks CEO Will Hayes will moderate the discussion. The panelists will share what digital transformation means to them personally, below the buzzword. Where are the biggest opportunities? What are common challenges that block uptake and adoption? How do you build cross-functional enthusiasm between business analysts, data scientists, executives and devops teams so that machine models work, deliver results and can actually operate at scale.  

Audience Takeaway
Learn how business experts lead search and AI initiatives into their organizations: from concept to development to deployment. Understand how to meet your business goals, while also modernizing the company culture.