Jenny Gomez

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Product Marketing Director

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Connecting Insights in the Help Desk

Americas - EMEA | 4:20PM - 4:20PM |

Gone are the days of static KPIs for customer service that only measured a customer journey from the first reactive touchpoint. Here are the days where the entire customer experience - the signals, the personalization, the data connectivity - are part of a larger proactive service experience. In this session, learn why it's important to look beyond the help desk and into your commerce, brand and marketing workflows to create a connected experience that starts with your agent and ends with a delighted customer that keeps coming back for more.

Intended Audience:
If you are interested in connecting the entire customer journey at every touchpoint for a delightful customer experience, this session is for you.

Attendee Takeaway:
Learn how to connect the entire customer experience from signals, personalization and data connectivity to keep the delighted customer returning for more.

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