John Wooden

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Principal Engineer
Kaiser Permanente

John has been working with Solr for nearly a decade between his tenures at CareerBuilder and Kaiser Permanente. Author of a handful of long-forgotten unmerged patches. Graduate of Mercer University.

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Configure Once and Deploy Everywhere

At Kaiser, we were required to follow very specific guidelines as a part of our software development life cycle that involves developing code in one environment and moving the changes to higher environments, which has stricter policy on security and better hardware. In this talk, we describe how we utilized Fusion APIs to facilitate “develop features in one Fusion environment” and “promote the peer-reviewed feature to a target environment”. Our solution is also capable to selectively promote one or more feature to the target environment without overwriting an environment specific configuration (e.g., In PROD, we use one source for crawling while DEV may use a different source). The system also provides a backup of Fusion for each environment as different branches in a Github repository. 

Attendee Takeaway

In this session you will learn how simple but powerful Fusion export and import functionalities are, which can be scripted to a mature Fusion config promotion system. The system is currently used in PROD for all promotions and releases that involve Fusion. We will share the challenges during development and advantages of using such a system with a quick overview of the architecture of the system.

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