Joshua Ellinger

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Senior Engineer

Developing search interfaces and apps for over 10 years. Josh has built award-winning applications and websites. He is currently working building the future of Lucidworks products focusing on bringing search development and configuration to a whole new level.

Joshua Ellinger is speaking at the following session/s

Lucidworks Security Best Practices

Wednesday | 3:20PM - 3:40PM | Columbia 6

Fusion Security best practices; Covering a broad overview of some of the processes and practices that Lucidworks goes over to make Fusion a secure product, and some of the ways you can ensure that a Fusion deployment is secured.

Attendee Takeaway
Intending to create peace of mind about the Fusion security process and provide guests with some best practices to apply.

Intended Audience
The target audience members are Fusion customers and others curious about the considerations Lucidworks takes to ensure security standards trickle down from our teams to our products.

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