Kate Stepankovskaya

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Application Development Manager

Kate Stepankovskaya has been with CDW for almost 10 years. She manages top-of-funnel product team’s portfolios, budgets and talents. Recently she lead a re-platforming (from inception to delivery) of the Enterprise Search Engine from Endeca to Fusion for sellers and ecommerce channels.

Kate Stepankovskaya is speaking at the following session/s

Structure Your Search Team for Success

Americas - EMEA | 5:23PM - 5:23PM |

Learn from experienced search practitioners and how they’ve seen teams built around search at various organizations, and what structure has enabled the most success. This panel will include speakers from organizations including a B2B IT products and services company, retailers, and more.

Intended Audience

Technology and business leaders interested in how teams are built around search and search capabilities.

Attendee Takeaway

Different options for search team organization for both internal- and external-facing search functions.

All Levels

Delivering Omnichannel B2B Ecommerce Search at CDW

Americas | 12:30PM - 1:30PM |

CDW migrated their ecommerce search engine from Endeca to AI powered Fusion platform on CDW.com. With a product catalog spanning several thousands of brands with products from laptops to data centers, CDW's multi-tenant solution powers both their ecommerce platform and internal order management system. Their solution unifies indexing complex contractual pricing and inventory levels in near real time leveraging an Enterprise Service Bus. By utilizing clickstream signals from online and offline platforms, CDW was able to deliver an intelligent omnichannel search experience for customers and sellers alike. Not to be left behind, significant performance improvements in data transformation and ingestion were made leveraging the spark platform.

Intended Audience
Architects, developers and product owners who are either looking to migrate from Endeca to Fusion or Native SOLR to Fusion to improve search relevancy for their customers.

Attendee Takeaway
Attendees will learn how to successfully migrate from Endeca to Fusion platform for a diversified product catalog allowing for rich faceted search across a wealth of unique product categories.