Luke Warwick

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Program Manager: Search and Browse

Luke has worked at REI for 26 years and on Search for the last 15. He is focused on making sure that every digital search experience gives REI's customers the same expertise and understanding that one of our great store employees would.

Luke Warwick is speaking at the following session/s

A Weighty Conversation about Sku Availability Relevance Tuning at REI

Sessions | 11:15AM - 11:45AM |

REI has a relevancy opportunity. They leverage LucidWorks Fusion Signals and other scoring models for relevancy order tuning but these models are based on past behavior. The challenge was that items with low availability could still have the highest scores in the models. Thus items that were now only available in very limited sizes and colors were showing at or near the top of REI's search pages. In this session, we'll discuss how REI's Search Team partnered with REI's Business Intelligence Team to incorporate a product’s current availability into their scoring models.

Intended Audience
This presentation is intended for Search Product Managers, Software Engineers and Data Science Professionals who face challenges with using data from the past to predict future behaviors.