Marc Desormeau

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Product Owner for Site Search and Product Data Optimization

Marc has been launching and building eCommerce platforms and programs for over twenty years. He is currently the product owner for's site search and product data optimization.

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On-Demand: Connecting with Customers Through Search at Lenovo

Americas | 11:36AM - 11:36AM |

Search offers a unique relationship to the digital customer in that they literally spell out their intent.  By combining this data with user behavior data at scale, patterns emerge which can be used to improve  your connection to your customer.  Since taking the first steps with AI, Lenovo has seen a dramatic increase in customer engagement and conversion through search worldwide.  We are just at the start of this journey and like many large companies, we have to balance the goals of many stakeholders, product owners and business leaders competing for a finite budget.

Through this journey however, we have been able to demonstrate superior ROI  at every step, delivering automation at scale both improving the business results and reducing the cost and time to maintain the site.  As we improve and expand the use AI we continue to discover more opportunities and use cases where these powerful tools can help us connect to customers across the globe faster and with more relevance.

Intended Audience
Tech and business leaders, looking to extend and improve the search experience through AI

Attendee Takeaway
Learn about the Lenovo journey and how we are looking beyond the traditional use case of search