Michael Portnoy

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Director of Software Engineering

Michael is Director, Software Engineering within Corporate Functions Analytics, AI/ML Solutions, a group which is part of CID&A, or Customer Insights, Data & Analytics at Scotiabank — one of Canada's Big Five banks. With over a decade of software engineering experience, a significant portion of which is in the field of search technology, Michael is passionate about applying his knowledge to support data and analytics teams, and promote Digital Transformation within the Bank, with focus on development, modernization and reuse of internal and client facing search services.

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Discovering Analytics for a More Data-Driven Organization

In today’s world, data is said to be the new oil, and it is critical for organizations to harness its power through analytics in order to make data-driven decisions. At Scotiabank, there is a great emphasis on enabling the business through data and analytics, and there are many teams of data scientists, business analysts, and data strategists that wrangle the data to create invaluable insights, which guide the decision making processes. These insights often take the form of reports and dashboards scattered across the various analytic systems within the bank, which can make answering a data question challenging, even when it has already been solved by someone else. In this session we demonstrate how to solve this problem by making the analytical information discoverable, while addressing challenges, such as usability, security and relevance.

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Learn how to make your organization a more efficient, data-driven environment by enabling discovery of analytical resources.

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