Michelle Gregorio

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Engineering Specialist
The Aerospace Corporation

Michelle is an Engineering Specialist at The Aerospace Corporation, where she has worked for the last 17 years.  She serves as the technical lead for the enterprise search service.  She has worked on various knowledge applications during her time at Aerospace, specifically with document and web content management systems.

Michelle Gregorio is speaking at the following session/s

Structure Your Search Team for Success

Americas - EMEA | 5:23PM - 5:23PM |

Learn from experienced search practitioners and how they’ve seen teams built around search at various organizations, and what structure has enabled the most success. This panel will include speakers from organizations including a B2B IT products and services company, retailers, and more.

Intended Audience

Technology and business leaders interested in how teams are built around search and search capabilities.

Attendee Takeaway

Different options for search team organization for both internal- and external-facing search functions.

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