Mike Gualtieri

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VP & Principal Analyst

Mike's research focuses on software technologies, platforms, and practices that enable technology professionals to deliver digital transformations that lead to prescient digital experiences and breakthrough operational efficiency. His key technology coverage areas are AI, machine learning, deep learning, AI chips and systems, digital decisions, streaming analytics, prescriptive analytics, big data analytical platforms and tools (Hadoop/Spark/Flink; translytical databases), optimization, and emerging technologies that make software faster and smarter. Mike is also a leading expert on the intersection of business strategy, artificial intelligence, and innovation.

Mike provides technology vendors with actionable, fine-tuned advisory sessions on strategy, messaging, competitive analysis, buyer-persona analysis, market trends, and product road maps for the areas he directly covers and adjacent areas that wish to launch into new markets or use new technologies.

Mike Gualtieri is speaking at the following session/s

Keynote: Demystifying Enterprise AI: What’s Possible Today

Wednesday | 10:00AM - 10:30AM | International Ballroom

AI is real. Enterprises use it to augment intelligence, automate decisions, hyper-personalize customer experiences, streamline operational processes, and much more. However, for most enterprise technology leaders, AI technologies and use cases are still far too mysterious. Additionally, challenges to create an actionable strategy, figure out implementation, and measure results is a major hurdle. Enterprise leaders must forge a coherent, pragmatic AI strategy without missteps to keep up with the rest of the fast-moving field.  

In this keynote, Forrester Research Vice President & Principal Analyst Mike Gualtieri will demystify enterprise AI, identify use cases most likely to succeed, and, most importantly, provide key advice to enterprise leaders and key implementers that are charged with moving AI forward in their organization.

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