Mike Salogub

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Business Analyst
Northwell Health

Mike is an experienced business analyst with over seven years of working in digital marketing and innovation. With a passion for healthcare policy and management, Mike has helped transform and innovate Northwell Health's digital properties. Throughout his career, his goal has always been simple: transform how we design, operate and innovate all with the customer at its core.

Mike Salogub is speaking at the following session/s

Searching for Healthcare in an Retail world: The Northwell Experience

Thursday | 1:30PM - 2:10PM | Columbia 3/4

Today our patient’s lives are fully ingrained in an era of customer satisfaction. Thanks to online shopping, everything from onsite search to personalization has evolved consumer’s online behavior. As the healthcare industry lags behind in the digital realm, transforming a website to best serve the needs of a community isn’t a goal, it’s a necessity. Join Mike, and see just how the retail era is impacting the way healthcare is marketed.

Audience Takeaway
This session will talk through our strategy of shifting from a content-heavy website to a more retail-focused approach, driving customers to actionable conversions.

Intended Audience
This session will be focused on the business user. There is no prerequisite knowledge needed.