Pankaj Andhale

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Data Scientist

Pankaj Andhale, an established giant in the Search & Personalization space, leads the build effort at Nordstrom Rack | Hautelook as the Senior Data Scientist and as a master builder. He hails from other tech mogul entities, such as Intuit, where he aided in the Data Enrichment Pipeline. Pankaj specializes in developing pragmatic, scalable data science architectures for insight mining utilizing heterogenous data.

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Building Search & Personalization at Nordstrom Rack | Hautelook

Thursday | 11:35AM - 12:15PM | Jefferson West

Ecommerce customers have become accustomed to an accurate, smooth, and timely search experience. Behind the curtains is a chaotic battle to operationalize a hefty strategy, optimize a fickle infrastructure, and rally troops around a single vision. At Nordstrom Rack | Hautelook we braved this field a year ago - with a strong plan, and a willingness to conquer all possible difficulties. We learned that these challenges came in many forms - not solely technical issues. Join us, as we share our secrets, discuss wins & losses, how we changed our definitions of success, how we discovered new opportunities, fine-tuned, tested, and solidified relationships with our internal partners.

Attendee Takeaway
KPIs, surfacing opportunities and issues, testing. Relevancy tuning - synonyms, stop words, signals, ranking algorithms and sorts Utilizing Fusion to accelerate results Developing relationships with internal partners Results

Intended Audience
Attendees who are going to start the journey of onboarding onto Fusion. Also who are planning to use the signals to improve relevance tuning will be the target audience.

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