Paolo Padua

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Product Marketing Manager

Paolo Padua is Lucidworks' Product Marketing Manager for Fusion—where he leads market research, product launches, and go-to-market initiatives. Before his career in B2B enterprise solutions and cloud-native technologies, Paolo attended San Jose State and graduated in the top 10% of business students under the Gary J. Sbona Honors Program. During that time, Paolo's love for technology and business interlocked, having the experience of supporting Fortune 500 company Western Digital with market research and sales prospecting.

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Improving Conversational Experiences with Intelligent Fallback Responses

"Sorry, I didn't understand that" is the last phrase someone wants to see when seeking help from a chatbot or virtual assistant. Whether someone is asking for available equipment part numbers or hotel booking details, users rely on conversational systems to help them find answers or better understand the next best action. In this session, learn how you can improve conversational experiences and create delightful experiences that fulfill search needs with a simple tweak to current fallback techniques.

Attendee Takeaway

In this session, you'll learn practical approaches to fulfilling search expectations for conversational systems such as chatbots or virtual assistants.