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Information Architect

Paul Anderson started in information architecture by designing and developing a standards-based (DITA) XML authoring environment for a billion-dollar software company. During this project, Paul developed a multi-lanugage search engine that deployed in published webhelp outputs. Paul now leads the search team at Dynatrace and has been the lead developer for the customer-facing search engine (Lucidworks Fusion) since 2017.

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Synchronizing Clusters in Fusion: CDCR and Streaming Expressions

Wednesday | 2:20PM - 3:00PM | Columbia 8

Synchronizing a search application across multiple clusters is a complex challenge and the solution evolves with our tools (Solr and Fusion AppStudio). Paul Anderson discusses how Dynatrace's cluster synchronization strategy changed over the last two years to ensure that customers worldwide have a consistent search experience. The talk focuses on two Solr features, CDCR, and Streaming Expressions, explaining what they do well, where they fall down, and where they need to improve. Paul also covers how to modify your index pipelines and signal aggregations to support cluster synchronization.

Audience Takeaway
If your Fusion deployment is expected to grow to multiple clusters, or you already have multiple clusters that are isolated on their own islands, this talk will show you a way to provide a consistent worldwide search experience for your users.

Intended Audience
The talk targets search engineers who have (or will have) multiple clusters in their search deployments, especially those that want to recommend queries and boost results based on user history.

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