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Peter is a founder and current President of Cirrus10, a Seattle and London based ecommerce consultancy and integrator. He's worked on business-driven websites for 20 years and has experience with the world's most commercially successful and highest traffic ecommerce sites.

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Living in Color

Wednesday | 1:30PM - 2:10PM | Lincoln West

Color is an essential feature of many products sold on ecommerce sites, particularly in B2C domains such as apparel and housewares. Normalizing and denormalizing colors to support better search outcomes has long been a manual activity if it's done at all. In this session we'll talk about the history of color identification and a runtime approach to normalizing color queries for superior commercial outcomes. We will also talk about how this approach can be used for other kinds of attribution in various B2C and B2B domains.

You will learn about how people think about color, color boundaries, and the ways that we can convert people who specify colors that may not match the text in our product descriptions.

Intended Audience
Site merchandisers who struggle with relevancy problems related to color or other attributes that have normalized and denormalized forms. Onsite search technicians who are looking for interesting query time solutions to search relevancy problems.

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