Phil Slade

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Founder & CEO
Decida Digital - Switch4Schools

Co-founder of Decida Digital and SAAS platform Switch4Schools, Phil is a behavioural economist, designer, psychologist, musician, author, podcast host, Money Magazine columnist, and expert on human decisioning. Phil strives to create technology that improves human decision making and solve some of our critical social, environmental, economic and political challenges.

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Improving Student Wellbeing Through Data, Psychology, AI and Machine Learning

The collection, analysis, sense-making and application of data needs to be better integrated with real human dynamics and how social interactions actually work. In this session we will walk through the psychological science and data structures that help Switch4Schools connect the digital with the psychological to increase emotional intelligence and create better decision makers. This all starts looking at the collection of data, and understanding the social dynamics and human hierarchies to ensure high quality of data is collected, and in a way that enhances the human experience rather than attempting to replace it. But insight is useless unless it can be applied. We will look at building the bridge between insight and application through AI powered psychological nudges and data visualisations in a way that makes the technology invisible, and yet more valuable. AI supporting and enabling higher human intelligence in dynamic, practical, pragmatic ways.

Attendee Takeaway

Insight is easy, implementation is the real magic, and most of the challenges to AI implementation relate to human dynamics and behaviours. Key learnings in this session include a conceptual framework of human emotion, rethinking the way real social structures and dynamics actually work, and news ways to structure ML and AI interactions.

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