Prem Prakash

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Technical Lead
Fitch Solutions

Prem leads solutions and architecture for a Search and Alerts platform, with 15 Years of experience in developing products and solutions for financial based companies. Working with Fitch for past seven years developing and enhancing search based platform for the Fitch group. He has led a team migrating our search platform from Endeca to Fusion/Solr and worked in the past on developing middle office/back office systems for the trading platforms. Fitch is currently working on experimenting with AI/Machine Learning with Fusion and Solr, to enhance the user experience for the Fitch Solutions products.

Prem Prakash is speaking at the following session/s

Panel Discussion: Transforming the Financial Industry with Search and AI

Thursday | 2:20PM - 3:00PM | Jefferson West

Deep learning, question-answering systems and chatbots are already operational at many global companies working in the banking and capital markets industries. In the vast majority of those firms, applications of artificial intelligence are still relatively nascent. Nevertheless, AI in mobile banking is shaping expectations for how personalized the customer experience can be. Machine learning is helping improve security and detect fraud by identifying patterns of suspicious behavior which might be too subtle for humans to catch. And at capital markets firms, algorithmic trading can predict gain and measure risk far more precisely than can any one human brain. 

For this session, a panel of experts will discuss some of these use cases through the lense of their personal experiences. They will share how search and AI are moving the boundaries in their respective areas. And the panelists will discuss strategies that data scientists can use to align their work with the goals of the business and IT teams. This alignment is not easy, but it is necessary to clear the psychological, political and regulatory obstacles that slow mainstream adoption.

Audience Takeaway: Learn how artificial intelligence capabilities at banks, capital markets and financial ratings firms can help make the financial services industry more secure, profitable and accessible.

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