Radu Miclaus

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Director of Product, AI and Cloud Services

Radu Miclaus has over 12 years of user and product management experience in the data science space with applications in general machine learning architecture, search, customer analytics, risk and financial analysis.

Radu Miclaus is speaking at the following session/s

Fusion Advanced Language Packages (Powered by Rosette)

Sessions | 12:05PM - 12:25PM |

Learn about new capabilities in Fusion that helps users better address the challenges in search related to language identification and data enrichment using entity extraction. Using powerful partner technology from BasisTech under the hood, Fusion is extending their language coverage as well as the methodologies used for dealing with complex languages.

Intended Audience
Search developers and linguistics specialists dealing with language identification, character normalization, greater recall without losing precision, and metadata extraction/entities/facets/filters.

Lucidworks Kubernetes Service (Accelerate Fusion 5 Adoption for Self-Hosted Enterprises)

Sessions | 1:30PM - 1:55PM |

Fusion5 brings the advantages of a portable, scalable, cloud-native search engine to enterprises. Fusion5 can be deployed as self-hosted or managed on Lucidworks Cloud. For self-hosted deployments, the need for operating a container-based application can be addressed in different ways. If enterprises do not have this expertise in house, Lucidworks is offering the Lucidworks Kubernetes Service that offloads the operational burden and allows enterprises to focus primarily on optimizing the business outcomes for search.

Intended Audience
Operational and Business owners of search applications within enterprises.

Attendee Takeaway
Lucidworks Kubernetes Service offloads the operational burden of running Fusion as a Kubernetes Application in your data centers or your public cloud instances.