Rakesh Maski

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Support Engineer

Rakesh works as a search engineer and has been part of a support team at Lucidworks. Developing software applications has always been an interest ever since he started using them.

His previous experiences include developments of various web and mobile based applications.

Rakesh Maski is speaking at the following session/s

Deep Dive: Security Trimming in Fusion

Thursday | 2:20PM - 3:00PM | Jefferson East

Security is one of the core features of any robust enterprise product and Lucidworks Fusion has an extensive set of these.

Document-level security and access control is the key requirement of enterprise search applications. Exposing unrelated and sensitive data is always a security & privy violation. This problem is very well resolved using the Fusion's Security Trimming as it restricts query results according to the User ID. While indexing the content,the Fusion Connectors Service stores security ACL metadata associated with the crawled items and indexes them as fields and matches this information against the ID of the user running the search query.

In this talk, we will present Fusion's security trimming architecture that offers early and late binding methods of accessing documents securely which ensures that the aforementioned security features are provided in a robust and performant manner. We will present the old v/s new approach to security filtering in Fusion 4X using SGL.

Audience Takeaway
With this talk, we aim to provide the users of Lucidworks Fusion a deeper understanding of how Fusion implements ACL and Security trimming (how to wrap their head around the inner workings working while leveraging and using the information to troubleshoot issues across different connectors).

Intended Audience
The audience who have used or wish to implement the document level security in Fusion.No prerequisite knowledge is necessary.

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