Richard Breakiron

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Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives, Americas Public Sector

Richard Breakiron is Commvault’s Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives, Americas Public Sector. He advances Commvault’s market position as a primary provider of integrated global data and information systems management solutions. His focus is on multiple branches of the U.S. military, DISA and U.S. security agencies, where he is known as an expert in the development, deployment and operations management of critical network and security IT infrastructure. 

He brings his insights from the DoD and Federal agencies to the states and local government as well as higher education. Before assuming the senior position at Commvault, Breakiron was Executive VP, Public sector, root9B, an advanced Cyber security company delivering unique and focused Cyber solutions to the DoD, US Cyber Command and the intelligence agencies.  Prior to that Breakiron served as the Senior Director, Cyber solutions for ViON Corporation and initiated the standup of Ascolta, LLC, a data analytics subsidiary of ViON, as their General Manager and served on the board of Ascolta. 

He has been a leader on many major IT program initiatives throughout his career. When in the federal government at DISA, he led the Joint Regional Security Stack (JRSS) program as their Executive Program Director.  While at the Pentagon with HQDA CIO/G-6, he served as the Network Capacity Domain Manager and interim Chief Integration Officer, managing the integration of Army-wide IT strategy and network modernization efforts, to include strategic messaging to the Army and Congress on IT reform and modernization on behalf of the CIO/G6.


Richard Breakiron is speaking at the following session/s

Panel: Promising Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Government

Wednesday | 3:20PM - 4:00PM | Jefferson West

AI is transforming business and industry. Although the public might perceive government agencies and the public sector as slow adopters of emerging AI technologies, sometimes the opposite is true. Government agencies can be some of the earliest adopters. Join this panel discussion to learn how researchers, commanders, civilian agency executives and state and local governments can use Solr and AI-powered search. The panelists will discuss use cases that they are evaluating for implementations that will assist them with use cases best suited for AI and machine learning, such as: enhancing operational efficiency; predicting mission effectiveness; assuring battlefield readiness; evaluating vendor proposals; and predictive maintenance for vehicles in the field.

Audience Takeaway
Learn how artificial intelligence capabilities at defense, intelligence and civilian agencies can help them achieve their missions.

Intended Audience
Government employees interested in practical AI applications.

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